Periodic Maintenance

  • Air Filter
  • Brake System
  • Clutch
  • Coolant System
  • Drive Chain/Shaft
  • Electrical System
  • Fuel System
  • Spark Plugs

  • Spark Plugs
  • Steering system
  • Suspensions
  • Synchronizing Throttle bodies/Carburetors
  • Oil change /Oil filter
  • Valve clearance
  • Wheels & Tires


It is very important to keep the carburetor clean for it to run properly. If the carburetor is not periodically cleaned and maintained, its ability to regulate the combustion can seriously be compromised, resulting in the motor to not run properly.
The first step in keeping your carburetor running properly is to remove it from your motor. Once it?s removed, we will be able to completely disassemble it and soak it in ultrasonic carburetor cleaning machine.
Next, we make sure all fuel and air ways are open and replace all o-rings, inspect and adjust float level and check fuel level, adjust fuel mixture screws ( according to manufacturers specs), and inspect slide diaphragm and reassemble it.
Our final step is if you have multiple carbs, perform synchronization and adjust idle speed then take it for a test ride. If we are happy with the job we have just completed, you will definitely be happy as well. We stock genuine Mikuni and Keihin carburetor o-rings ans washers, not a tool store generic substitutes.


Is your bike constantly blowing fuses? or everytime you hit a speed bump your lights turns on and off? or are you having starting problems? or your charging system not charging your battery or you have a known good battery but your charging system is on vacation? or you simply want to add some LED?s or HID lighting? How about with the modern fuel injected motorcycles today, a lot of sensors and a lot more wiring can sometimes create problems and better yet, a lot of people will get a hold of a service manual and try to troubleshoot problem on their own and that?s fine too.

We love electrical problems, which most techs are afraid of, and/or just because they?ll never get paid long enough to find and correct the problem. We are here to help, we literally almost have all of the special wiring harness adapters, ignition tools and most important of all knowledge and skills to use them.

Engine / Transmission

Excessive smoke, oil consumption, knocking, ticking, high mileage or simply want to refresh your motor, we are here to help you. No matter how bad and severe it is, most of the time it can be returned to be like new condition. Let us evaluate the problem and tell you like it is without exaggerating or missing important details. We can order or find almost any engine parts for any Japanese bike and have all the necessary specialty tools.

Worn out valve stem seals, wrong type of fuel especially cruiser owners using highest possible octane where 99% of the cruisers only require 87 octane, worn out piston rings due to high mileage, wrong carburetor jetting or those of you using Dyno Jet Power commander type fuel injection fine tuning devices ( there is nothing wrong with those. It is the owners trying to be a ?Tuner?) will all cause excessive carbon accumulation in combustion chambers and on valve face. Everything we do on a motorcycle engine is completed according to manufacturers specs. Our goal is to rebuild that engine as good as if not better than it came off of the assembly line. Which only means reliability and longevity.

Does your bike have a lot of miles? or oil consumption problems? or is it jumping out of gears? (Mostly 2nd gear). If it is not broken, don?t fix it, we have seen way too many bike with 50000+ miles and still running strong. But some times on motorcycles with high miles will show shifting problems, such as jumping out of gear, clutch slipping, not going in or coming out of gear easily. Transmission problems aren?t usually an easy fix, Almost all Japanese bikes require a tear down, (very few bikes such as latest ZX6R and CBR1000RR?s don?t) most sport bikes require less time for repair than V-twin cruisers.

Well Transmission problems are easy to diagnose and most of the time we don?t charge for diagnostics, so stop by and have us take a look at it.